House Ball (Spring)

Offering programs for ages 4 – 40+.  All divisions are based on the player’s birth year.
† The TABLE below is for a season starting on January 1st, .

5U In this introductory level players learn the simplistic hitting and throwing foundations.
7U Players rotate through stations each session and learn the fundamentals of the game in a way that keeps them engaged.
This is the first division where the players pitch and play a 4 inning game. Most games are played in-house with some inter-locked games with other GVBA parks later in the season and in the fall.
A full season of 6 inning games that are played across the city at all GVBA parks and will lead one team becoming the City Champions. GVBA also offers a Summer All-star opportunity to spring players.
Now playing with lead offs, balks and on a 70’ base path players start to feel like they are playing in the big leagues. GVBA also offers a Summer All-Star opportunity to spring players.
This division offers an A and AA program. The A division plays in a city wide league for spring where the AA division plays in a full season (April-July) island league with a goal of going to the Provincial Championships in early August. GVBA also offers a Summer All-Star opportunity for the A division.
On 90’ base paths these players travel around the city gearing up for the City Championships. If there are interested players and coaches a Summer All-Star team will be formed.
 SIBL  The South Island Baseball League,, is open to anyone over the age of 18. This recreational league is a great place to continue playing baseball after high school.

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