2020 COVID Phase-2 Reaction

With the Premier’s announcement Wednesday, May 6th, 2020, it looks like there may be some hope for baseball yet…

Behind the scenes GVBA has been trying to think of creative ways to continue the 2020 baseball season.
We have been sending emails between each member parks, participating in Zoom calls, and virtually meeting with BCMinor.

Remember when we return to baseball, we’re not returning to “normal”, we’re returning to a “new normal”, and what that looks like for baseball clinics and games needs to be well defined and within the guidelines for social distancing the province has laid out. We’re looking to Baseball BC and BCMinor Baseball to provide those province-wide consistent guidelines for baseball as a whole. While two of our GVBA board members are on these provincial level boards, GVBA has not been sitting by idlily, we’ve been considering, what a remaining possible spring season could look like, what if any, summer ball could look like, if we just have a tiered late-spring and into summer season, considering how long the season could run for, how many games, if local only island only-tournaments could even happen, etc., etc. Plus, the municipalities may require a clear social distancing behavioral plans for any formal field users before issuing field permits, plus their time to prep the fields for baseball use.

There is a lot to consider, and we’ve been working for you behind the scenes to make baseball baseball happen as soon as it safely can. And we hope you’ll be there to join us.

Watch this web site or our Facebook page for any incoming updates as things happen, and thank you for giving up what spring baseball you have to make BC an exemplary model and flatten the COVID growth curve in this province.

In the meantime, our Coaching & Player Development Coordinator, Jason Leslie, has complied a top notch list of quality baseball training videos (he’s spends hours upon hours reviewing 1000’s of videos and information to create this “baseball technically sound” list). We’ve created a separate page for Jason to list his compilation – now get watching to prepare those arms and muscles for a fun season in the hopeful near future! https://archive.victoriabaseball.com/at-home-drills-stay-ready-post-covid-prep/

Hearing the words “Play Ball” may never sound sweeter this year, as we appreciate those things we sometimes take for granted will just happen… I hope we hear those words yelled by “Blue” real soon throughout our parks.

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